Feltings made in Latvia

About us

Made with Love specially for you!

Wellwell are Latvian handmade items which are made with love from sheep wool, using just hot water and soap. Everything has been made in wet felt technique. After long hours of hand/wet felting, wool is been made into slippers, clothing, clogs, bags, hats, scarfs, jewelery and a lot of different other items.

Benefits of felted clothing: wool felt impact is similar to acupuncture as it stimulates blood circulation, improves the well-being of your skin and positively stimulate the neural system work. Natural wool has an increased effect on the human body.



Easy care instructions: hand wash in warm water or in washing machine using gentle washing program suitable for wool. Use special detergent suitable for wool. After draining - shape and leave to dry. Do not wash in very hot water and do not dry in very hot conditions, do not leave on the hot sun for a long time, because latex (for slippers and clogs) will lose its properties.


NOTE: Since the items are handmade colors can be slightly varied from one another. Actual color may vary slightly depending on the screen resolution and quality of monitor you are using.